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  • Scheduled automatic payment reminders to the customers.
  • Send payment reminders via SMS and Email for speedy payment collection.
  • Track payment history of all your clients with few clicks.
  • Increased cash flow to have speedy and sustained business growth.
  • Have track of your cash.
  • World class technology to keep your data safe and secure.
  • Increased productivity of the employees by reducing time in chasing customers for payments.
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get instant updates, swift financial recoveries on time and monthly reports of financial dealings.

Create reminders to avoid late payments


Organize multiple bills, accounts and related data on the device


Payment tracker for timely recoveries


Payment structure simplified for you


Manage bills, view, upload and get it passed quickly


Have a customer payment history from origin to existing time


Activity report given at the end of the month for consolidation


Share invoices on a single platform


img In India, nearly 40% of business is conducted on credit. This is how the small B2B sector manages to stay afloat. CLEAR BALANCE understands the pain of late payments. Some customers tend to delay payments and the supply chain is interrupted due to this reason. It also creates mistrust in relationships. It is not easy to continuously chase people to pay the dues. Some shop owners face this dilemma daily. This necessity gave rise to a quick solution in the form of CLEAR BALANCE. With digital payments becoming a huge trend across India, We have created a dedicated payment reminder application. It cuts the pain and wastage of time to chase debtors.

With this noble thought and appropriate problem solving answer we have introduced CLEAR BALANCE as a hassle free automatic payment collection application. With the advent of this powerful digital tool, the benefits are paying off in many ways. Close to nearly 50 lakhs of payments are organized by structured scheduled reminders that are given on sms, whatapp and emails. In Bangalore, several mall merchants are happy to use it on a regular basis.


The CLEAR BALANCE is a sophisticated credit reminder web application. It is designed intuitively to facilitate the payment reminder cycle for your clients. Enjoyed by entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, SME customers, it is successfully running business payment cycles across Bangalore. If you have not yet become digitally savvy with this web application, you could lose on advantages. This great tool is already helping run economy for apparel showrooms, hardware, paints and electrical shops across the city.

CLEAR BALANCE application brings several features and tools for immediate invoicing on any device for securing organized payment structure for professional business owners. If you give credit to customers, this web application is ideal for you. It is designed to track credit given and send friendly sms reminders to pay on time and avoid interest or late fees. Even if you do not have a website or an app, our expert team will handle it professionally.